Cavities and Wisdom Teeth

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You may need a root canal, which is used to treat a tooth痴 soft core when it becomes damaged or diseased. This soft core is called the dental pulp and contains the nerves, blood vessels and other connective tissue that extends from the crown of the tooth to the root, down into the jaw bone.

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When something is difficult, we say it's like pulling teeth. In reality, tooth extractions are routine dental treatments that help prevent more serious dental problems. The most common tooth extractions are usually wisdom tooth extractions, but your dentist may also remove a tooth if it's decaying, broken, or might impact the healthy teeth around it.s


Restorative Dental Care

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How costly are extractions?
Extractions vary in cost depending on the difficulty of the removal. Discuss what is covered with your insurance provider and plan with your dentist.


How many visits?
A root canal may take up to three (3) doctors visits to ensure that your nerves and jaw bone were not impacted, so plan and budget accordingly.